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Throw pillow

Throw pillows are special gifts for valentine, birthdays, housewarming,wedding e.t.c In addition, these pillows are stress relief accessories  for everyone. Also, they make perfect decorations for rooms, sofa and events.It can also be customize with a photo, your logo or fun design.At lexoft media limited we give you the best/affordable throw ... Read More
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Origin The word 'lanyard' originated from an old French word 'laniere' meaning a not-so-long piece of rope used to secure something. It is a rope that was used to tie a wooden disk on a boat to support/control its mast. It was literally a rope. What is a Lanyard? Lanyards are straps or cords ... Read More
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Sign and Signage in Lagos

Are thinking of operating or starting up a business in Lagos? It is important to consider putting up signs and signages for your business in Lagos, Nigeria Signage is the use of sign or symbol to announce your marketing message to people. It is any kind of visual graphics that carries ... Read More
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Feather Banners in Lagos

Did you know feather banners are just the perfect and best solution for events, organizations and various retail outlets to get their message noticed and visible? They are best used for trade shows, road shows and even outdoors events. Feather Banners can be used to create a stylish entrance or walkways ... Read More
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Roll-Up Banners in Lagos

Roll up banner is a potent advertising media that any business can use in spreading it’s marketing message. Is an example of versality, impact and simplicity that can aid greatly in advertising or marketing. Roll-up banners can also be known as pull-up banner or portable retractable banner. They can be ... Read More
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Looking for a very effective marketing tool? Considering vehicle branding  might be the perfect choice especially in Lagos. Vehicle branding in Lagos helps in making your marketing purpose reach your target audience in little or no time as it only takes driving through the neighbourhood. Vehicle branding is a marketing tool ... Read More
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