Lanyard: Origin, Meaning &Uses

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Lanyard: Origin, Meaning &Uses


The word ‘lanyard’ originated from an old French word ‘laniere’ meaning a not-so-long piece of rope used to secure something.

It is a rope that was used to tie a wooden disk on a boat to support/control its mast. It was literally a rope.

What is a Lanyard?

Lanyards are straps or cords that are sewn together in a loop designed to be worn around the neck and have a clip or hook attached.

Many people have developed various designs and functions that make lanyards more fashionable and useful.

Uses of Lanyard

Lanyards serve the purpose of holding/securing our valuables, they are also used in keeping our
ID card or Badge
USB device

Lanyards give professional and organized appearance which is very important for an Organization. It indirectly promotes a company’s service or product branding.

Printed Lanyards

Lexoft Media Limited offers a wide variety of lanyards available with customized print. Using a choice of printing methods, including screen printing or dye sublimation, we are able to replicate your designs to create beautiful branded lanyards.

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