Letterhead Printing

Letterhead printing  is a essential to preserve professional communications inside and outside of your business. Letterhead is a great way to verify the authenticity of an outgoing message, and also a great platform to connect your brand and tell the receiver a little bit about business.

WHY Print Letterhead?

The answer is simple. Offset printing press or a printer that use inks that won’t degrade or slur when reheated which is why real letterhead cannot be printed on anything

That’s something your office printer cannot do. Letterhead is designed to be initially printed once and then printed over again with the specific message you wish to send by use of your own printer. At Lexoft Media Limited we are one of the few printers left that can actually print real letterhead. When you print letterhead with Lexoft Media Limited you get access to the highest quality offset printing there is.

Saves You Money

Saving money and getting quality is what a businesses need to stay at the top. Using letterhead allows you to save money on your own personal printing costs. Using your office or home printer to print something that resembles letterhead will not only leave you with a poorer quality final product but also a more expensive one. With real business letterhead there really is no definition that’s superior for quality or for your bottom line. Lexoft media limited is ready to design and print a great looking letterhead that connect your organization to your client/prospect

Need Graphic Design?

Lexoft Media Limited has a team of graphic designers ready to use their creative power to help you increase your reach.